time2saveworkshops x Dress-Lace Store Petite Scarf Printed Maxi Lace Dress

This time2saveworkshops x dress-lace inc lace dress is a maxi dress with a scarf printed look that is wholly original. The dress features printed woven fabric and a combination of polyester and elastane as the main material. The scoop neckline and cleavage cut out detail also help to make the dress comfy and stylish. The cut out detail and race back let you show off some skin, as does the thigh split, making it a great selection. It fits casually and comfortably and can be washed in the machine. This dress is a colorful selection and great for a smart casual appearance.

Some features of this petite scarf printed maxi lace dress include:
Scoop neckline
Thigh splits
Racer back
Machine wash