Another Testimonial – Keep them coming!!

I attended your workshop on Saturday at Westside Baptist in Warner Robins.Here’s one of the deals I was able to get at Walgreens: Buy 4 Dayquil orNyquil @ $5.00 each. Use the $2.00 coupon off on each from Telegraph 1/17,making them $3.00 each. Then Walgreens prints you a $10.00 coupon on thepurchase. After, the first purchase they are practically free. I haveattached photos of my purchases! Dawn B.

~~~~Okay Gals, you middle Ga folks mean business!!~~~~~

Thanks for sending in your testimonial and pics.  A week ago that would have cost you at least $100.00!!  That is an amazing feat to tackle Walgreen’s like that.  You Go Girl!!
Thanks to all of you for your patience last week.  For those of you who did not attend the workshop, Kelly was planning on teaching.  She was already in Macon, GA and had set everything up on Friday ready for the next morning.  THEN……. she was either hit by a virus or food poisoning.  She called me around 3:50 am to tell me that she had been up all night vomiting.  So I jumped up, got dressed as fast as I could and drove down to Warner Robbins which is about a 3 1/2 – 4 hour dirve.  I arrived at 9:10am with about 100 ladies waiting for me.  Thanks again for everyones patience, I enjoyed spending the day with you and am so excited to hear from each one of you how much are saving!!  (Kasey)

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