Android Apps for Frugal Folks

If you have an Android, you’ll want to check out these great money-saving apps!  If you have an iPhone, see our post here instead. Know of any other good ones?  Please let us know!

1. Keyring App – for those serious couponers out there that have a million loyalty cards on your keyring, this is the app for you! Say, goodbye to those bulky tags and hello to technology! Enter all of your loyalty cards onto one app and have the cashier scan your phone!!

2. Barcode Scanner – this is a must have app! You’ll need it to scan any and everything! Many stores are now using barcodes to help you check in at their store. You can scan upc codes at stores to find the lowest prices (this requires a different app, but you need the scanner for it to work).

3. Redbox – did you know you can now reserve your movies on your phone and pick them up when you get there! No, more standing in front of the machine agonizing over what movie to get, because the one you wanted is already checked out. Just reserve it early and pick it up at your convenience!!

4. Gas Buddy – I can’t stand to pay more than I have to for gas! It’s already high enough as it is, so why pay a ton if you don’t have too? Just search for the location nearest you and it will pull up all of the gas prices in that area!

5. Amazon Kindle – for those of you who love to read, download the Kindle App from Amazon and read your favorite book on your phone!!

6. Google Voice – I like this app, because if you’re in a meeting and can’t check your voicemail, then Google Voice will transcribe your voicemail into text so you can read it!!

7. Zedge Ringtones and Wallpaper – I love this app! You can choose from thousands of wallpapers and ringtones. My husband has the Dixie horn (from Duke’s of Hazard) as his ringtone :) Your options are endless!

8. Google Maps - I absolutely love Google Apps! I don’t even have to use our TomTom anymore! This is just like it only it’s on my phone!

Thanks Stretching Your Budget!


  1. Laura says

    Some of these I use (love them) and some I am going to go and download after this post! I thought I would add to this my new phone experience. My cell phone bill (for TWO people) was upwards of $300 every month. A good friend of mine introduced me to that uses AT&T’s backbone for cell phone service. I now pay $39.99/month for unlimited talk and text for each phone. (Data coming in September for $3.95 more a month.) I had to do some research but today went and bought the LG Thrive that runs Android and is a “GO Phone” product. This is the much cheaper sister phone to the AT&T version, the LG Pheonix. Both Go and ATT&T run on the Pure Talk network. Until the data is available in September, I can still use all the Droid apps through the phone’s wireless connection at places like Starbucks, Panera Bread, etc. that provides free WiFi services. Just thought I’d pass this along to anyone who loves Droid (like me) and needs to cut some more expenses.

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