Amazon’s 1-800 Number for Customer Service (When things go wrong….)

Amazon can have FANTASTIC deals (See our most current Amazon finds), and when we post them here on Time2Save, we try to confirm all the details and discounts first.  But sometimes an item arrives that doesn’t match the description…

For instance, this week we posted a deal for a 36-Pack of Annie’s Organic Baked Cheddar Bunnies.  The image and description clearly indicate a Case of 6 Boxes, each box containing 6 Packages.  However, those who ordered received ONE 6-ct Box!  How frustrating!

What do you do?  Here’s a quick help guide to get through all the red tape and rigamarole and straight to a real-live person:

  1. Go to the Customer Service/Feedback Form
  2. You’ll check the boxes to describe what your general problem is (DON’T check anything about Returns, you’ll be redirected to that area)  I checked:
    - Problem With Order, then
    - Wrong Item or Not as Expected, then
    - Item Doesn’t Match Website Description
  3. You’ll have the option to leave your phone number and Customer Service will call YOU (which is actually good, because then you don’t have to wait on hold forever – they’ll call YOU and be ready to fix your problem)
  4. OR call 1-866-216-1072 and use the automated Customer Service System.

One other time we had an issue, it was with another incorrectly labeled food item, that contained less of the product than specified.  Readers who contacted customer service were issued refunds, and kept the product they’d already received. 

 Have you ever contacted Amazon Customer Service with a complaint?  How did they handle it?



  1. Amanda says

    Vitacost issued me a full refund ($9.21) because it was a misprint, but I get to keep the pack I already received.

    I had to send her a link to the actual order showing where it specifically listed 36 packages were to be received, rather than 6; however, that also caused some confusion because Amazon removed Vitacost’s name from the site when they corrected the price.

    Either way, I got 6 free packs of Cheddar Bunnies. Woo hoo! :-)

    • Amanda says

      Okay, I was told that since these were sold by a 3rd party (Vitacost), that I have to contact them directly. If they don’t respond after 3 days then I can file a claim with Amazon for a refund. Vitacost’s # is 800-381-0759.

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