Amazon Wireless: 1 cent phones + FREE Shipping!



LAST DAY! 1 cent phones + free activation!

You can get the latest smart phones for only $0.01 with a new account from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile & more.  You can also upgrade your existing service through Amazon, they check your eligibility online through your carrier.


Go to Amazon Wireless to check this deal out today.

Benefit of Shopping on Amazon
You can compare cell phones by price, carrier, brand, features, and more, and compare cell phone plans across carriers, for an easy, hassle-free mobile phone shopping experience, with FREE Two-Day Shipping and Risk-Free Returns, all at Amazon prices.


FREE Two-Day Shipping on all phones and devices.







Jamie took advantage of this deal at Christmas and got a phone for herself and her husband.  Two weeks earlier I bought the same phone that Amazon had for $0.01 for almost $250!  This is the best deal I have ever seen anywhere and I used to work in the Cellular business for years.


Sprint Special – Waived Activation Fee
For a limited time, purchase a Sprint phone with a new line of service and pay no activation fee!!

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