Amazon Student | FREE 2-Day Shipping for 6 Months!

WOW – if you are going to college or know someone who is – this is a great deal to share with them! 

Amazon is offering this an incredible 6 Months of Amazon Prime FREE for College Students!  That’s HUGELY valuable if you ever do any Amazon Shopping – the money you save with the Free Shipping alone is HUGE!   *Current Amazon Prime members can also join Amazon Student!

If you decide you’d like to keep the benefits of Amazon Student after 6 months, you’re able to get a 1-Year Membership to Amazon Prime for only $39 instead of the $79 everyone else pays :)  And then there’s the books – Choose from more than 350,000 books to borrow for free with no due dates when you join Amazon Prime for $79 $39/year.


amazon-student-join *Important:  Choosing the $39 Amazon Prime membership offer will effectively END your free 6-month period of having Amazon Student.  So keep that in mind in case you want to wait until the end of your 6 months.

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