Amazon: FREE Brave Movie Ticket and 50% OFF Disney Pixar DVDs!


It was 105 degrees today – and the next couple days are only going to be hotter.  When you’re forced to stay indoors – you might start wishing you had a couple new movies in your collection…  (Especially if you don’t have Netflix - one of my favorite frugal finds ever, when it comes to entertainment!) 

Several Disney Pixar movies are 50% OFF right now on Amazon – here are just a few you might love!

Toy Story 3 - $14.12 (was $29.99)

Wall-E - $15.15 (was $29.99)

UP - 15.39  (was $29.99)



If you’re looking forward to seeing Disney Pixar’s newest release – Brave (it looks AWESOME!) – then you might want to check out this sweet Brave Bonus Offer!

Get a FREE $8.00 Movie Ticket to see BRAVE when you purchase the BRAVE video game on Xbox 360, WII, PS3 or Nintendo DS!  The BRAVE game for XBox 360 is on sale right now for $10 off, and getting a free movie ticket in the bargain is pretty sweet!

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