Amazon Contact Phone Number for Customer Service

Amazon Contact Phone Number

“What is the Amazon Contact Phone Number for Customer Service?

We post quite a few Amazon deals here on Time2Save – and we occasionally get readers who ask “What is the Amazon Contact Phone Number for Customer Service?”  Well – for all you inquiring minds who want to know – here is’s Contact Number!

Amazon’s Customer Service Contact Number:

You can also contact by heading to the Help Page and clicking the Contact Us button in the right sidebar. Customer Service is open 24/7 – so someone will always be available to answer any questions you may have! has a new Step-by-Step Customer Service Page as well, that essentially fills in all the blanks possible before you talk to someone to speed the process along.

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    Hi there I been trying to ring Amazon about taking money out of my account and I would like it replaced back into my account plz know nothing about them taking money out of my account know nothing about them taking it out of my account never signed up for anything

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      Daniel – I suggest you contact customer service, although it may take you being on hold for awhile. If you have ever signed up for a free trial of Prime or Amazon Mom, etc.. then it automatically renews at the end of the trial period. Hope that helps!

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    I need someone to call me back at 601-519-7554 . Someone has charged $99.99 to my checking account and I have give no authorization for this I need you to call me back immediately just needs to be settled thank you my name is Kristi Cuevas and Reid Cuevas

    • says

      Hi Kristi! I’m sorry that happened to you – it sounds like you were automatically renewed for Amazon Prime account – but we are actually not Amazon’s customer service, you’ll need to call 1-888-280-4331 :) Good luck!


    Am in Zambia if order an item,is it possible to receive it intact & on time.And how can i make the payment.


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