Amazon Contact Phone Number for Customer Service

Amazon Contact Phone Number

“What is the Amazon Contact Phone Number for Customer Service?

We post quite a few Amazon deals here on Time2Save – and we occasionally get readers who ask “What is the Amazon Contact Phone Number for Customer Service?”  Well – for all you inquiring minds who want to know – here is’s Contact Number!

Amazon’s Customer Service Contact Number:

You can also contact by heading to the Help Page and clicking the Contact Us button in the right sidebar. Customer Service is open 24/7 – so someone will always be available to answer any questions you may have! has a new Step-by-Step Customer Service Page as well, that essentially fills in all the blanks possible before you talk to someone to speed the process along.

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    Am in Zambia if order an item,is it possible to receive it intact & on time.And how can i make the payment.


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