Amazon $5 Family Movies | Great for Movie Gift Baskets!



Amazon has several fun family movies for under $5 right now! 

Here are a few good ones you might want to add to your collection or perhaps give in a family themed gift basket (along with some popcorn and snacks).   First up – some seasonal movies for Halloween.

Nearly all of these movies are $5 or under – however we’ve thrown in a couple can’t-miss classics that are a little more. ;)


And here are some more great family movies around $5! 



Please be aware that although these are “family-friendly” movies, that doesn’t mean they’re all completely clean.  Even though I often remember movies from my childhood as being totally clean – it’s usually because they were edited for television.  I suggest ALWAYS checking out movies on CommonSenseMedia to see exactly what kind of language, violence, innuendo, etc… to expect.

Please note that Amazon’s prices fluctuate and can change at any time.  Be sure to verify current price before placing your order.  Find more great Amazon Deals in ourAmazon Category!  

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