Amazon: $30 in Free Apps, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Kindle Books $1.99! (Christmas Only)



Jamie here – just lying around playing on our Kindles and wanted to share a couple Christmas-Day-Only deals we found!

If your kids got a Kindle this Christmas – you might want to check out the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Kindle eBooks on sale for just $1.99 each!  My kids LOVE these – and at times when a couple of them were going through “I hate reading” stages, these are the ONLY books they would read voluntarily :)


Also check out this Welcome Pack of $30 in FREE Apps available today only!

Included are:

  • Angry Birds Star Wars II
  • Moon Phases
  • My Alarm Clock
  • My Melodies (Ambient Music/White Noise Mixer)
  • Printer Share Mobile App
  • Handwrite Notes Notepad\
  • and more!


And if you have kiddos, you may also want to throw on Jingle All the Way  – an interactive kids book that looks adorable (It’s FREE!) Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective for just $.05 while you’re at it!


Having a Kindle has made it so easy for me and my family to read tons of books – totally FREE. It’s like a portable library – with no overdue fees :) If you don’t have a Kindle yet, check out refurbished kindles for a great deal!

Another option for those who don’t have a Kindle, is to just download a free Kindle reading app for your phone or other device!

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