Aldi Weekly Deals: 8/22-8/28


Here are my favorite produce picks of the week at Aldi!   Aldi stores in different regions start their sales on different days, and have varying prices.  Be sure to check your local ad HERE before shopping.

Aldi Shopping Tips:

  1. Aldi’s does NOT accept coupons
  2. You’ll need a quarter (.25) to use their grocery carts, and bring your own shopping bags
  3. Only cash or debit cards for payments.
  4. Get the Aldi SmartPhone App HERE!
  5. Wal-Mart will price match these deals WITHOUT an ad!


 $0.49 avocado
$0.49 lettuce
$0.69 mushrooms 8oz pkg
$0.79 bag of red onions
$0.99 tomatoes on the vine
$0.99 green peppers 3pack

Meat Special of the Week:

$0.99 Parkview jumbo franks
$1.99 parkview brats
$3.19/lb ground beef 80% lean
%5.99 chef requested fresh filet of beef

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