Aldi Weekly Ad: 5/25 – 5/31

**NOTE:  Aldi’s will be CLOSED on Monday, May 30 for Memorial Day.**  Aldi’s carries good deals even though you CAN’T use coupons and their prices are comparable to those of the name brands at the National Discount stores.  Please be sure to check your local sales ad as prices and deals may vary by region.

* Wal-Mart (according to their new policy) will price match these deals WITHOUT an ad!

Some things to know before you shop at Aldi’s:

  1. Aldi’s does NOT accept coupons
  2. You will need a quarter (.25) to use their grocery carts which are linked together in front of the store.  Once you link your cart back after grocery shopping, your quarter will be returned to you.
  3. Aldi’s does not offer complimentary grocery bags.  You will need to bring your own shopping bags or plastic bags to put your products and items in after checking out.  If you are able to find empty boxes while at the store, you are more than happy to use them (as you would at a Sam’s Club).  You can also purchase Aldi’s reusable bags in store.  A great way to be green!
  4. Aldi’s accepts only cash or debit cards for payments.
  5. If you are not satisfied with a purchase you have made at Aldi’s, simply return the unused item (or empty box) and they will reimburse your money back as well as give you a replacement item at no cost.


Cantalope – .99
Watermelon – $2.99
Sweet Corn, 4 pk – $1.29
Blueberries, per pint – $1.49
Strawberries, 16 oz – $1.29


Parkview Griller Sausages, 14 oz – $2.49
Parkview Cheese Hot Dogs, 16 oz – $1.99
Fit & Active Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage, 20 oz – $2.99
Appleton Farms Baby Back Pork Ribs, 24 oz – $6.99
Parkview Beef Franks, 16 oz – $2.29
All Nautral 80/20 Ground Beef – $2.69/lb


Infuse Thirst Quencher, 32 oz – .69
*Regular or Low Calorie, Assorted Varieties
Nature’s Nectar All Natural Lemonade, 59 oz – $1.89
PurAqua Purified Drinking Water, 24 pk 10 oz – $2.49


Clancy’s Potato Chips, 11 oz 0 $1.39
Dakota’s Pride Baked Beans, 28 oz – $1.19

L’Oven Fresh Frosted Sugar Cookies, 15 oz – $2.29
Little Salad Bar Salads or Coleslaw, Assorted Varieties, 30-32 oz – $2.49
Benton’s Ice Cream Cups, 4.27 oz – .99
Happy Farms Deli Sliced Cheese, 8 oz – $2.29
Great Gherkins Sweet Relish or Kosher Sandwich Sliced Pickles, 16 oz or Kosher Baby Dills or Sweet Bread & Butter Sliced Pickles, 16 oz  - $1.29
Great Gherkins Hamburger Dill Pickles Slices, 32 oz or Kosher Dill Spear Pickles, 24 oz - $1.49


Sundae Shoppe Swirl Stix or Italian Ice Cups, 21-24 oz – $1.89
Belmont Premium Ice Cream, 48 oz – $2.49


Boulder Full Size Clear Cutlery, 96 ct – $2.99
Boulder One Ply Napkin, 250 ct – $1.49
Boulder Foam Plates, 50 ct – $1.29
Boulder Party Cups, 50 ct 18 oz – $2.29


Jilong 12′x30′ Pool - $59.99
Jilong Retangular Family Pool $24.99
Banzai Motorized Inflatable Wave Riders – $29.99
*Wave Cruiser, Bumper Boat, or Thunder Boat
Vanderwall 6′ Utility Table – $34.99
Adventuridge High Raised Air Bed – $39.99
Crofton Tower Fan – $19.99


  1. Elizabeth says

    our Aldi in Hixson has pineapple’s for ,.99 We love pineapple and I’ve been stopping about every other day to get one! It’s a great deal!

  2. foxfunds says

    Their veggie straws and veggie chips are also good…if you are looking for an alternative to potato chips…and reasonably priced. The items they carry in the store always vary with the seasons. They have awesome honey hams fall to spring. The cheese hot dogs are a summer staple…so if your kids love them, stock up. :D
    Years ago before I got into couponing, I used to take a monthly trip to Nashville to shop Aldi’s….it made that big of a difference. Any time you need things that are not on sale…this is a great place to fill in those needs without a lot of $$$. We love Aldi’s…I was never so happy to see them open in our area.

  3. Heather says

    Right now the one in Fort Oglethorpe, GA has their milk (skim, 2%, and whole) gallons for $2.99.

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