ALDI: My Trip to Corporate Headquarters and Exciting News!


Last week I told you that I was headed to Chicago for a trip to ALDI’s test kitchen for a holiday event with several other bloggers from across the country. Personally, I love to shop at ALDI. Since their low prices are so much cheaper than my local grocery store I know I am getting incredible deals on my groceries without worrying about coupons. Especially since we changed our diet and have cut out most processed foods, it was important to find a way to save money on our groceries as there aren’t generally coupons available for the kinds of foods we buy.

I’ve included a couple highlights from my trip below along with exciting news!


We got to sample several different varieties of ALDI brand food and national brands in a blind taste test. In almost every single one, the ALDI brand tasted best and was priced significantly cheaper!

ALDI natural and organic

We also got to sample several of the new SimplyNature organic and natural products. I absolutely love the SimplyNature Fruit and Nut bars, Cranberry Almond is my favorite! I was so excited to hear that they are expanding their natural and organic offerings over the next couple of weeks!


In addition to spending time in the ALDI test kitchen, we were also treated to an in store tour.  It was so interesting to hear why ALDI is able to offer such incredible prices. I had outlined several reasons in my previous post here after a store tour earlier this year in Cincinnati, OH.


If you love k-cups but don’t like the steep price, you’ll want to check out ALDI’s great price! You can get a 12pk for $5.79.


I’m was super excited to announce that over the next couple of weeks, ALDI is expanding their organic and natural product offerings in stores. Some of my favorite organic and natural products that I bought on a special buy a couple weeks include salsa, spaghetti sauce, chicken broth, apple sauce, cranberry and almond bars, and canned tomatoes. Other items that we should see in stores soon is organic milk, organic produce, natural lunch meat, and natural bacon. The best part? All the organic and natural products will be offered at fabulous prices! YEA!!!


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