Aldi Deals on Patio Furniture & Cushions!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year – time for Aldi to put their patio chair cushions on sale!!

This week at Aldi there are some really good deals on patio furniture, cushions and accessories!  Whenever these popular seasonal sales come along you can’t wait till the end of the week or they might be sold out. Go early!

Gardenline Outdoor Decorative Pillow $3.99

Gardenline Seat Cushion $5.99

Gardenline Chair Cushion $11.99

10″ Hanging Basket $5.99

Deck Box $39.99

There are lots more Aldi deals going on – but these are just my favorites.  What deals are you planning to get?



  1. betsy walsh says

    I purchased 2 Gardenline seat cushions 5502 at Aldies in Auburn NY and would like two more. Where can I get two more? The store said they will not be getting any more in.

    • says

      Betsy – I can only imagine that you’ll have to find another nearby Aldi’s to buy any more of these. Unfortunately, I’ve been in your shoes a few times as well :( They are such good deals but they’re gone so fast! Perhaps a friend or relative who lives near one would be able to help?


      I recently purchased a garden line umbrella 9ft. # 43321 my poles did not connect correctly they lined up maybe the threads would like to know if there is a replacement for the pole th thread part………………………… THANK YOU Teresa

  2. A NN PRICE says

    my son purchased a gardenline outdoor wood rocker at the aldi store in north versailles,pa last week ..while assembling it ,he came across broken parts as in a/1 left arm a break in the top left arm ,and the third rung front piece broke b/1 right arm first second and third rungs damaged, f/1 small conector ends damaged on the box is #44808 weve tried calling to no avail sent to umbrella like we were told to do to no avail tried calling the man was hard to understand in speaking he gave my son the umbrella no. told him to go on internet which he doesnt have so i am trying to get damaged parts replaced or have the warranty give him a new rocker please help thanks ann price 525 10th st pitcairn ,pa.15140 -1101 phone 412-373-7219

    • says

      I’m sorry Ann – we’re not affiliated with Aldi, we just post weekly deals that we thing are good bargains. Best of luck in resolving your issue though!

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