Aldi Coupons: 5 Ways to Save BIG at Aldi!


If you’re a couponer, you probably have wondered about Aldi coupons and their acceptance policy.  Well the answer is…. NO.  Aldi does NOT accept coupons.  BUT – and this is a big BUT! – I think you should shop there anyway.  (Even the most loyal couponers out there.)  Here are the Top 5 Ways to Save (without using coupons!) at Aldi.

Couponers love to shop Aldi because of the very low prices on certain items like produce, meat and popular seasonal supplies. Coupons don’t often help out with those items.  Combine these deals with Aldi’s quick checkout lines and double-guarantee – and it’s a great shopping experience for the frugal-minded!

5 Ways to Save (Without Coupons!) at Aldi


  1. Meat Special Buy: Each Wednesday look for a new meat special buy item – these sell out quickly, so go on Wednesday if you hope to get in on them!
  2. Produce Picks of the Week:  Each week Aldi offers a few produce items that are at truly great prices.  For instance, this week bananas were $.33/lb, Mangoes $.69/lb and Strawberries were $.99/lb!  Pineapples were $.99 each.  EACH – I tell you!  Are you starting to understand the lure of Aldi, even for hard-core couponers??
  3. Switch & Save: Aldi store brands are very cheap – very similar to Walmart-brand prices but without the hassle of Wal-mart shopping.
  4. Double Guarantee: All Aldi store brand products are backed by a Double Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with any product, Aldi will replace the product and refund your money. You can’t beat that!
  5. Seasonal Savings Aisle: Each week Aldi offers special savings on a small variety of seasonal items.  For instance, in the Spring you’ll find some great deals on grills, garden decor and camping supplies.  These are some of my favorite deals to get at Aldi!

Having said all that…. I’ll continue to shop with coupons because many items on my list can end up being cheap or even free by matching up sales with coupons.  However, I’ve found that Aldi is a wonderful “supplement” to my coupon shopping.  Where the grocery ads and coupons fail to bring costs low enough to meet my frugal-standard, I can stop by Aldi on the way home to get milk, fruit, veggies, chicken breast and – who knows – maybe a 6-Pack of Solar Lights for $9.99 :)

See what’s on sale in this week’s Aldi Ad and find printable coupons for all your other grocery shopping trips HERE!


  1. April says

    In Nashville, our Aldi’s are usually across the street from a Kroger. I take a cooler bag and do my Aldi shopping for things I know will be cheapest there, then head to Kroger for couponing!

  2. Tiffany says

    Actually – the Aldi brands are also sold at Costco. And they are also some of the more popular name brands in Europe. I have been shopping at Aldi for over 15 years. Used to drive to Nashville once a month to shop there and fill my pantry, freezer and fridge before I started couponing. So – shop on, it’s all good!

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