Aerie: FREE Drew Bra or Tote (August 10 at 6pm)

If you live near an Aerie and have internet on your phone – stop by between 6pm – 9pm tonight to get a FREE Tote (first 100), or a FREE Drew bra (for the first 10)!

How to do this thing:

1) Make sure you have the Foursquare App on your phone
2) Be one of the first to “Check In” at 6pm at a participating Aerie
3) Or just be one of the first 100 to show up, starting at 6pm, for a free tote.

I don’t have an Aerie near me – but I do really love their undergarments :)  I need to get myself to an outlet mall sometime in the near future to replenish my supply…

- Thanks Lisa at DrugstoreDivas!

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