A New Couponer’s First Big Trip: Bi-Lo Savings!

My friend Tessie JUST started couponing this week. She has been a single mom of 3, and a full-time nurse, for the last few years – and just didn’t have the time to coupon. She still doesn’t really have extra time, but since getting married recently she’s decided to hop aboard the coupon bandwagon and this is her very first week!

She was so excited after a trip to Bi-Lo on Monday, that she brought her van full of groceries over to show me – here’s how she did!
(Tessie, I’m so proud of you honey!!)

(2) Kelloggs Corn Flakes
(2) Oscar Mayer Lunchables
(2) Red Baron Pizzas
(4) Wyler’s Mixes
(2) Sargento Cheese
(1) Sprite Zero 2-Liter
(1) Kool Aid Jammers
(1) Vitamin Water
Pork Chops Family Pack
3 lb Ground Beef
1 Gallon Milk
Total Before Coupons/Savings = $65.90
Total AFTER Coupons/Savings = $29.64!

Tessie didn’t have tons of coupons to start with, so she kept her eyes on the prize by looking for BOGO items and closeout deals with store coupons attached.  This is a great way to save on things like meat or dairy items!

Okay , now it’s YOUR turn!  Feel free to share any deals you’ve picked up this week that you’re proud of!


  1. sharon says

    I am so excited!! I have been trying to learn couponing for some time now and I have given up several times because I was frustrated. This past week, I started really studying the tips on your website. I just returned from my first “newbie couponer” shopping trip to CVS. I spent 7.02 and got 11 items!!YAY! I will try to explain what I did.
    First, I went to the magic coupon machine. It gave me a coupon for a free “green bag tag” and 2 other coupons I saved for later.
    Then, I got the following items:
    1. Stride Spark gum on sale for .99 (used .99 ECB from previous trip, also received .99 ECB)
    2. 2 packs EXPO washable dry erase markers (these were on sale and I didn’t know it! or maybe I had loaded an ecoupon for this?? Not sure how this happened. They were 2.49 each. I had 2 coupons for $2 off, so I paid .49 for each pack ofmarkers!!)
    3. 3 reese cups and 3 kit kats (B2G1: makes them about .79 each–also went toward a gas card)
    4. CVS pantiliners 3.29 (used previous magic coupon for $2 off)
    5. CVS green tag (used magic coupon to get it free)

    I was most excited about the markers. I didn’t expect to save that much! I wanted to go ahead and buy the items for the 10$ gass card, but since I am easily confused, I decided to keep this simple. Then, my receipt tells me that the candy bars DID count toward a gas card..it is keeping track for me YAY!

  2. Mary Beth Williams says

    Congrats on your first couponing trip Tessie!

    This week I was excited to get one 6 pack of Scott jumbo paper towels, 5 bags of Tostitos, 3 tubes of Crest, one 2-liter Pepsi Max, and 12 boxes of pasta for less than $3.50 (between Food Lion and Kroger)!!!

    I was also excited about my trip to the Asian market (Assi) this week, where I got over 8 lbs. of sweet potatoes, 1 lb. of strawberries, 9 mangoes, 2 baby watermelons, 4 lb. ground beef, 1.5 lb rib-eye steak, and 2 lb. of London Broil-type meat (can’t remember the exact name) for less than $30!!!

  3. Heather says

    Congrats to Tessie on your first coupon outing, it is addictive!! Ok, so not anything I purchased but I did find some tearpads in Bi-Lo (Ft. O across from LFO) next to the Philadelphia Cream Cheese for $1.50 off 1 Philadelphia Cooking Cream. I grabbed a couple for my stash and when I got home I was looking through the Publix ad and they have the cooking cream for 2/$4, making them $.50 each with the coupon! I don’t normally go to Publix b/c it is out of my way but I am sooooo going this week to take advantage of this!


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