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“Te-Pee Burgers”…. WOW.

From the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook, 1959.

Yes dear readers, those are THREE burger patties stacked on top of one another with a little olive on top.  It’s sort of like the martini of burgers.  But what I want to know is – how on earth do you eat it????  And why?

Thanks to FroggyBoggler’s Flickr Photostream – from whence this amazing picture came!

Okay – back to the grilling coupons….

Grillin’ Season Tearpads: Coupons for meat, charcoal and more!

With Memorial Day fast approaching – grilling is on everyone’s mind, and that means grilling-related TEARPADS abound!

It’s one of easiest times of the year to find coupons & rebates for MEAT – you can find these on charcoal, barbecue sauce and other “grilling” condiments – but most of them will be found in the Beer Aisle.

I counted no less that 13 Tearpads as I walked down the beer aisle at Bi-Lo this week, including coupons & rebates for fresh meat, tortilla chips, K.C. Masterpiece, frozen pizzas, deli meat and more!  Many of these were rebates – for instance $10 Rebate wyb $10 of fresh meat + Budweiser.

*Another weird place to check is by the watermelon.  It seems like we always see a few watermelon tearpads between Memorial Day & 4th of July…..

Check out our article HERE about the benefits of browsing the Beer Aisle – and if your state doesn’t require it, you can get many of these rebates/discounts WITHOUT buying the beer!

Let us know what you’ve been finding!

If you have a minute – make sure you also hop over and see this INSANE grilling delicacy…..