9 Fun Indoor Activities for Snow Days and Rainy Days


Well guys, I never thought I’d say it but we’re going on our SECOND snow day and tomorrow we’ll be out AGAIN!  This almost never happens in Cleveland, TN because, well, we just never get more than a dusting of snow.  I couldn’t be happier with all the white stuff in the yard – but I won’t pretend that by day 3 my kids aren’t going to be driving me just a teeeensy bit bonkers with their cabin fever.

Here are some 9 indoor activities for snow days or rainy days to do with the kids.    Good luck and happy Snow Day!

Make a Play-Doh Bank

Coffee-Filter Snowflakes

DIY Kids Snack Tray (for that movie marathon you’ll be having!)

Make Heart Shaped Crayons (And give them out for Valentine’s Day favors!

Tie-Dye Tee Something

How to Make Bubbles

How to Make Play-Doh

Make a Pirate Eye Patch (Go all out and declare it Pirate Day!  Make a jolly roger, talk like a Pirate and hide out in a Pirate Ship fort!)

Go on a Mother/Son Date


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