8 FREE Android Apps | Turbo, Fraggles, Preschool Zoo Puzzles, More! (Today Only)

turbo-storybook-app Today on Amazon you can get 8 FREE Android Apps!  There are several really cute kids apps today – like the App of the Day which is the Turbo Movie Storybook :)  I know a 1st grader who’s going to be happy when he comes home today….


Check out all the free apps today:

  1. Turbo Movie Storybook App FREE (Reg $2.99)
  2. Dr. Panda’s Supermarket FREE (reg. $1.99)
  3. Preschool Zoo Puzzles for Toddlers and Kids FREE (reg. $1.99)
  4. Kids Animal Piano Pro FREE (reg. $1.99)
  5. Cutie Mini Monsters – Counting Numbers 1-10 FREE (reg. $2.99)
  6. Fraggle Friends Forever FREE (reg. $2.99)
  7. FaceGoo FREE (reg. $1)
  8. Drop the Cake! FREE (reg. $.99)

- Thanks, Froomb.com

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