7 Mother’s Day Coupons I REALLY Want… (Printable!)

My kids and husband have – on occasion – made a coupon or two for me on Mother’s Day.  They are always sweet (for instance “Free Hugs” and “Free Coffee”) – “Free Spa” was one of the ones I got this year.  Thank you my darling 8 year old – but if I could get a “Free Spa”, I might never come home again :)

Seriously  though – despite how much I love these gestures – if I could choose coupons I really want – they’d be a little more specific!  And yes – some these are fantasty, but why not aim high, right??  I say, shoot for the stars!

Click THIS LINK to print these coupons – or send the link to someone (HintHint)

1 Morning of Sleeping-In – with coffee ready when I awake, rested and resplendent after my 9 full hours of beauty rest.  Cards, hugs, flowers and gifts are welcome – but not allowed before 9 am. PRINT

1 Free House Cleaning – Top to Bottom, including the grody stuff around the toilet, the dust bunnies under the couch, and the laundry hiding in the closet. PRINT

1 Free Dinner – NOT cooked by me, eaten while still warm, involving me staying seated the entire time without refillings cups, wiping ketchup off the wall, reheating uneaten green beans in the microwave, or breaking up a fight about who got more juice.  OH – and this transaction will be null and void if I have to clean up the mess afterwards. PRINT

1 Free Spa/Salon Day – which shall include a haircut not done by me with kid scissors, color to cover my quickly multiplying grays, a massage and mani/pedi. PRINT

1 Free Nap – Nap must be totally uninterrupted by little ones yelling outside of my door “Mo-om!  Are you in there?  Are you sleeping?!”  This nap will last for a minimum of 1 hour and will not end abruptly with the sound of crying, hollering, or things breaking. PRINT

1 Free Day Off/Girl Time Away – an afternoon/evening of hanging out with grown-up girls, shopping, eating things that are bad for me, watching a chick-flick, or just reading a book from cover to cover. PRINT

1 Free End-of-the-Day Backrub – to be given by uncomplaining husband, with absolutely no hidden agendas :) PRINT

Okay – you’re turn!  What would you add to YOUR fantasty coupon insert???


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