Top 6 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts!


Top 6 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

If you’re a terrible awful, no good, very bad procrastinator – then first of all, let me welcome you to the club.  Secondly – you may have put off getting your mom a Mother’s Day gift just a leeeeetle bit too long – and are now wracking your brain for an idea that will a) Let her know you love her and didn’t forget about her and b) Show her that you put some actual thought into this gift.

NOTE: Although we didn’t have this in the original list – I believe that LOTS of moms would probably love an Instant Pot as well.  These things are crazy helpful at dinnertime and Pinterest is going CRAZY with it!



Here are a few last minute mother’s day gifts you can pull together in no time:

  1. Photo Gift:A picture is worth a thousand mom-points, so pick a great new one, revive an old one, artsy up a ho-hum one with Instagram or Greyscale or something – and put that bad boy in a frame.  In fact – until the end of Wednesday you can get  40% OFF a Wood Panel at Walgreens (even have it sent to your mom’s Walgreens so she can pick it up in her town)

    Kohl’s has lots of really cute photo frames that are usually 40 – 60% OFF as well!

  2. Flowers or Plants:Send mom flowers to really put a smile on her face – especially if you have them delivered where she works!  Amazon offers some beautiful flowers with  FREE Overnight Shipping (is there anything they DON’T do???)

    Buying your mom a beautiful rose bush just always seems like a classic move – you can stick around and help mom plant it and enjoy her company.  Also – just cutting some flowers from your yard and making an impromptu boquet (or sneaking into your neighbor’s yard while they’re gone and snipping some of theirs) will surely brighten her day and her kitchen!

  3. Heartfelt Card or Letter:Here’s the thing – mom’s want to hear 3 things on Mother’s Day: 
    That they did a good job raising you
    2) That you REMEMBER all the ways in which they did a good job and
    3) That you have since compared them to all other mothers and now realize that they are far superior to any of that rabble.  (Oh yes, and that you love them of course – that’s #4)

    So take the time to sit down (turn off your cellphone, facebook, computer, t.v. and iPod) and really think back.  Pull out some gems that will highlight her strong suits.  For instance, my mom was great at creatively turning boring things into magical things – a trait which I think about every time my kids say they’re bored.  I strive to be like her in that regard. (This is solid-gold content for a Mother’s Day Card!)

  4. Gift Cards:Let mom treat herself by getting her a gift card – whether it’s Bath & Body Works, Lowe’s (my mom is a gardening nerd) or iTunes – just pick something that says “Mom – I still know what you like, but here – you go pick it out”. Amazon has some cute Gift-Cards that you can send via Email, Facebook, Regular Mail or even Print out!
  5. Technology:As Kip sang in Napoleon Dynamite “Yes, I love technology, but not as much as you, you see… “  Get your mom up to speed by buying her something new and cool like a Kindle  (if she loves to read), a new case for her Kindle if she already has one, or a digital camera(my mom still didn’t have one until last Christmas).    That’s a gift that has some “wow” factor – and if you go in on it with your siblings it won’t cost you a ton.
  6. Your TIME:Ti-i-i-ime, is on your side – yes it is!   In this day and age, time is something that’s extremely valuable – shutting off your gadgets and focusing on your mom for a few hours will show her you really care.  Take her to lunch, go visit and bring playing cards for an afternoon of catching up, take her fishing or plan a picnic, head to the mall  – whatever you do, pick something she likes and make yourself totally available for awhile!

    Check out Groupon Local Deals to see what kind of nail salon’s, restaurants, etc… are available and spend the afternoon hanging out with mom for some girl time.


We’d love to hear some ideas from our readers of last-minute gifts you’ve gotten for your moms!


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