Couponing for the Rest of Us

$5 Supercuts Coupon + Share Your Frugal Haircut Tips!

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- Thanks, MoneySavingMadness!

Speaking of cheap haircuts – my hubby just gave all my boys their annual begining-of-summer “buzz”.  Growing up – my mom always cut mine and my brother’s hair too.  I can’t say we were the most fashionable kids in town – but salon visits were ENTIRELY out of our budget.

I remember longing for a spiral perm like the teenager across the street – and instead, I got a “home wave”.  It was the WORST!!!

So tell us, frugal readers – how do you save on hair cuts for yourself and your family?  Do you have any tips or tricks?  Do you use referral programs or other kinds of clubs to cut down on costs?  Do you go to the beauty school? Please share!


  1. Mary Beth Williams says:

    I use the Process Institute of Cosmetology where I live in the Atlanta suburbs. It’s a premier school, and they ONLY do hair. The cheapest haircuts are $14, but when you get your hair done for the first time by a student, you get three cards to give to friends for ANY free service (including color or highlights!). Then, when your friends go, you get a card for ANY free service in the mail!! It’s awesome!!

    Plus, if you get a chemical service on certain days during the week (all over color is only about $25-$30), you get your haircut FREE!

    It’s a wonderful place – very professional, and the students are great. A professor oversees them the whole time, and they aren’t happy unless you’re happy!

  2. this is the one area that I do not try to save on. I DON’T go to the most expensive place in town but I have a lady that cuts my hair and does a wonderful job. I use her exclusively and will also tip her well too.

  3. Tiffany says:

    My sister works at Supercuts so I can get mine cut free :)

  4. I use the beauty school in town. 3 buck haircuts(before tip)

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