$5 off Kingsford Charcoal Coupon on Savingstar (= $5 Amazon Giftcard)


If you’ve been dragging your feet about finally signing up and using SavingStar digital coupons – then this should be the one coupon that finally gets you to do it.  Right now, load this eCoupon for $5 off wyb $20 worth of Kingsford Charcoal or KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauces & Marinades

Keep in mind that you can use other coupons when you purchase the Kingsford Charcoal and KC Masterpiece – and you can even take advantage of whatever store deals are happening (ECB’s, RR, etc…) – this is just a $5 Icing on the cake!

You can choose for the $5 to be Paypalled to you, deposited in your bank account – or cash it out for a $5 Amazon Gift Card!

Read up on How to use SavingStar in our handy-dandy guide HERE


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