4 Steps to a Fab DIY Floral Arrangement – for under $20!

SO Mother’s Day is coming soon – and people will be dropping way-too-much cash on professional flower arrangements (You might be one of them!)  Instead of buying a pre-made, pricey bouquet, follow these steps to create your own for under $20.

A flower that costs 25 cents from the grower costs $5 by the time it’s available to you at a florist.

  1. So the first step is – find a cheap local grower to buy from.  Do you have a flower market?  A nursery?  If not, try Sam’s Club or a large grocery that gets a bulk discount.
  2. Pick flowers of varying heights for visual interest, and try to get ones with TIGHT buds to last longer: Carnations, Irises, Snapdragons, Gladiolas, Hydrangias, Icanthus, Tulips, Lilies…. Also – Don’t skimp on the greens!  Choose greenery to make your arrangement dense – it will look more “expensive” that way.  A common one is Lemon leaf.
  3. Put a piece of moist floral foam in the bottom of your vase and poke your stems into it to maintain the shape of your arrangement.  Cut all foliage below the water line – this prevents bacteria from growing in the water and makes your flowers live longer.
  4. Well I have to admt, all these are tips I’ve picked up from the experts over at LearnVest: Frugal Tips for Frugal Living – but you’ll want to go watch their little flower-arranging video rather than me trying to summarize it!

LearnVest is a site dedicated to helping women manage their money with Frugal Tips for Frugal Living emails.  I get these daily tips – they’re short and sweet and usually include something fun (like the tips above!)

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