30 Kindle Kids Books for $1 Each!


 25 Kindle Kids Books $1 Each

Amazon has a nice group of *30* $1 Kindle Kids eBooks available through September 31!  There are some best-sellers on this list that look great for encouraging kids to read.  I have always loved Arthur stories and there are several of those up again this month!!  Also this Secrets of the Magic Ring looks like a fun read for 3rd and 4th graders :)



And if you’d like to encourage your young readers to get more excited about the Bible – check out our this awesome deal on The Action Bible we posted recently.

The Action Bible is a highly-acclaimed Bible for children written in a captivating comic-book style.   Right now you can get the Hardcover version for just $15.65!

(Jamie here)  I got this for my son on his 10th birthday, not knowing if he would really spend time reading it or not, but hoping.  I am telling you what – that child leaves the Action Bible on his bed he reads it so much!  He plops down and reads it after dinner – like a book he can’t put down.  It’s incredible!


Having a Kindle has made it so easy for me and my family to read tons of books – totally FREE. It’s like a portable library – with no overdue fees :) If you don’t have a Kindle yet, check out refurbished kindles for a great deal!

Another option for those who don’t have a Kindle, is to just download a free Kindle reading app for your phone or other device!



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