25 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

If you’re looking for fun new Easter Egg decorating ideas – here’s a list of 25 great ideas!  From mosaic eggs to mustache eggs – there’s bound to be an Easter egg idea for every member of your family on this list :)  Check out lots of other Easter Ideas in our Easter Ideas Category!

1. Natural Dyed Easter Eggs
2. Glittered Easter Eggs
3. Bright Rainbow Eggs
4. Polymer Clay Easter Eggs
5. Mustache Easter Eggs
6. Pysanky Easter Eggs
7. Onion Skin Dyed Eggs
8. Pantone Easter Eggs
9. DIY Picture Easter Eggs
10. Dye Eggs With Food Coloring
11. Polka Dot Dyed Eggs
12. Marbled Clay Easter Eggs
13. Au Natural Easter Eggs
14. Decoupage Easter Eggs
15. Faux Glass Eggs
16. Neon Dip Dyed Eggs
17. Speckled Butterfly Easter Eggs
18. Pretty Banded Easter Eggs
19. Silk Dyed Eggs
20. Melted Crayon & Collage Eggs
21. Eggs Dyed With Spices
22. Tissue Paper Covered Eggs
23. Tie Dyed Eggs
24. Painted Eggshell Mosaics
25. Glittery Easter Eggs

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