25 Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Basket Ideas

We’ve been scouring Pinterest for Easter Basket ideas - and there are so many cute and creative ways to fill your child’s basket this year!  If you’re looking for basket ideas that will wow the kids come Easter morning, just check out the list below for some fun ways to make their baskets extra-special.  Check out our Easter Category for even more Easter Ideas!

1. Felt Easter Basket
2. Easy Bunny Basket
3. Cute Carrot Bags
4. Mini Felt Baskets
5. Card Stock Basket
6. Personalized Easter Bags
7. Golden Easter Basket
8. Spring Basket Crochet Pattern
9. No-Sew Fabric Basket
10. Paint Chip Card Easter Eggs
11. Creative Play Easter Basket
12. DIY Moss Easter Basket
13. Coffee Filter Easter Basket
14. Woven Felt Easter Baskets
15. Water Beads in Eggs for Easter Basket
16. Dyed Heirloom Easter Basket
17. Mini Easter Baskets
18. Cute Fabric Lined Basket
19. Cookie Tin Easter Basket
20. Lego Easter Basket
21. Edible Easter Basket
22. Tulle Easter Basket
23. Easter Baskets Without Candy
24. Homemade Baskets: Coloring Books and More
25. Cute Decorated Berry Baskets

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