25 Days of Christmas Fun: No-Fail Cooking Tips!!

One of the best (re: yummiest) parts of Advent, Christmas and beyond is straight up, all kidding aside, no bones about it – fattening wonderful delicious food.  I’m talking the kind you don’t mind putting on a couple pounds for.  The song lyrics from Oliver immediately comes to mind:

Food, glorious food, Hot sausage and mustard,
While we’re in the mood, Cold jelly and custard,
Pease pudding and saveloys, What next? Is the question,
Rich gentlemen have it, boys In dye-ges-ti-on!

And so on and so forth….  Anyway – I digress.

As I was spending a spare moment browsing Pinterest (re: a moment when I should’ve been watching the rolls because they definitely burnt during this intermission) – I found some WONDERDUL cooking tips that opened my eyes to no less than 6 of my own kitchen blunders.


The first one I want to share is how to make the PERFECT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE.  It gets right to the point – incorporating science and all that – and tells you what to do.  But then comes the genius – when she tells you why all your cookies are failures.  No seriously – she baked about a dozen cookies with something wrong about each one – laid them all out – and then told you how to identify your “wrong” cookie and how to fix it.  Incredibly helpful!

The next one I want to share is this big, fat, FAILURE compendium by CookingLight.  It’s a list of 39 of the Most Common Cooking Mistakes – and it covers everything from the age-old butter softening problem, to baking bacon to make it flat and crispy, to fixing gravy that you already ruined with lumps.

I also totally love the picture of the “Fail” vs. “Nailed It” Christmas cookies.  So true, so true…..

Do you have any recipes, crafts, traditions, tips or tricks you’d like to share for our 25 Days of Christmas Fun series?  If so – please email me at time2saveworkshops@gmail.com and your idea may be featured!

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