25 Days of Christmas Fun: Fun Party Mix {Snowman Crunch}

We thought it would be fun to countdown to Christmas each night with a fun Christmas craft, recipe, family tradition and all things holly jolly.

 Here’s a simple fun party mix I made with the kids, we dubbed it Snowman Crunch!

Snowman Crunch

  • Chex Cereal – I used combined both the rice Chex Cereal and the Corn
  • Pretzels
  • Marshmallows
  • M & M’s
  • Cheez-it’s (when I told Jamie she said she’d never eat Marshmallows with Cheeze-it’s so if you feel the same way omit).

Combine all ingredients together and enjoy.  You could also add other Christmas candy you have on hand.  This is an easy-peasy recipe, change it up as you desire.  My kids loved it and were so excited to munch on marshmallows and M & M’s!

Don’t miss out on any of our nightly posts in our 25 Days of Christmas Fun Series. Join us tomorrow night for more Christmas Fun!

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