25 Days of Christmas Fun: Fruit Loop Garlands!

My kids were driving me just a teensy weensy bit bonkers today, so I decided to break out a tried & true craft that always kept us busy as kids and took virtually no parental supervision :)  The Fruit Loop Garland!

You’ll Need:

  • Super-cheap knockoff of Fruit Loops or Apple Jacks (I’m using Hoola Fruits from a nearby grocery thrift store)
  • String
  • Optional: Popcorn works too – but involves needle and thread and is a bit messier.  I wouldn’t advise trying this one if you have:
    a) young children  b) limited patience or  c) any kind of time restrictions, this really takes awhile…..

NOTE: I command you to ignore my messy living room.  Just pretend you never saw that...

Tie a fruit loop to one end of a long piece of string – then instruct the kids to string as many fruit loops onto it as they can.  Challenge them to create patterns out of the colors!  Now put on some Christmas music and tiptoe out of the kitchen to sneak in a tiny winter’s nap :)

The end result will be cute and homey – and the kids will be proud that they were able to contribute to the decorations!

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