25 Days of Christmas Fun: Everything Doesn’t Have to be Pinteresty

We thought it would be fun to countdown to Christmas each night with a fun Christmas craft, recipe, family tradition and all things holly jolly.

It doesn't have to be pinteresty

Earlier, I read a facebook update from Heidi St. John, The Busy Mom (here) and instantly felt relief. It’s so easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed by the season. Especially, now with social media images and Pinterest perfect pictures everywhere. Today, I took a step back to evaluate what truly matters to my husband and kiddos so I could concentrate on those things. My kids don’t care if my house looks like a perfect Christmas Pinterest photo, or if we have beautifully wrapped gifts with matching coordinated wrapping paper. Speaking to myself here, as it is so easy to judge myself and create unrealistic expectations. Making memories together and celebrating the REASON for CHRISTmas is what truly matters, everything doesn’t have to look “Pinteresty.”

Today, I decided to do something fun with my kids. I didn’t want it to be stressful, or take hours of our day. Although I had rather make homemade cookies and icing, I knew my kids really didn’t care. All they wanted to do was decorate so we whipped up a batch of gingerbread cookies from a mix, and pulled out the canned icing.


First, I set everything up using cookie sheets to corral the mess. Then, I added left over Skittles, Nerds, and Sweet Tarts from Halloween, along with Christmas M&M’s and sprinkles to a muffin tin. Next,  I took a step back and let the kids go to town. I didn’t tell them how to decorate, I didn’t give them a step by step process. Instead, I let them use their creativity to make what THEY wanted. I even let them lick their fingers and get icing all over their sweet little hands.

PicMonkey Collage (2)

We had so much fun and they were so proud of their beautifully decorated cookies. No, they aren’t perfectly decorated. They won’t get pinned thousands of times on Pinterest and that is okay. Instead, they were created from the hearts of my children, a priceless memory that we will always treasure. So, at the end of the day when you are decorating your house for Christmas, baking cookies, or wrapping presents remember – everything doesn’t have to be “Pinteresty!” Release yourself from unrealistic expectations and enjoy the JOY of this season.

Don’t miss out on any of our nightly posts in our 25 Days of Christmas Fun Series. Join us tomorrow night for more Christmas Fun!


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