25 Days of Christmas Fun: The JOY of Giving

We thought it would be fun to start doing a post each night about a fun Christmas craft, recipe, family tradition and all things holly jolly.


This is from last year, but it’s so worth sharing again.

As I put the car in gear and grabbed my purse, I heard my children talking excitedly about their money. Then one pipes up, “Mommy, can I have my wallet in your purse.” Thinking they want to waste money on some kind of vending machine I quickly asked, “Why?” “Mom, I want to give my money to help children in need, look the red kettle is here and the lady is ringing the bell. I want to give all my money.” 

As they walked up to the bright red kettle and started emptying the wallet, the precious lady ringing the bell looked up at me with tears in her eyes. Here my children were, tucking ALL the money they had in the kettle. Not begrudgingly, instead full of excitement. Their only regret, was that one of them had left their wallet at home.  I just stood there with tears in my eyes, barely able to keep my exposure.

What spoke to my heart the most, is that as soon as we pulled up to the grocery store and they saw the red kettle, they both started scurrying around looking for money to give. They were so excited and couldn’t wait to give their money. It was refreshing to me and a great reminder that I should be EXCITED to give. How many times, had I walked away from an opportunity to give, or just gave a little to satisfy my guilt. My child that emptied their wallet today, didn’t just give a handful of change. It was a significant amount of money. Money that this child had been saving for a special toy, for a long time. My other child, still gave all they had and wanted to give more had their wallet not been left at home. My heart is proud and oh so humbled.

I was reminded today that giving is an honor, not something I HAVE to do but something I GET to do. Again, my children are teaching me. Life through their eyes is much less complicated and the message is clear. Kasey

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