25 Days of Christmas Fun: Cookie Cutter Christmas Pancakes

We thought it would be fun to start doing a post each night about a fun Christmas craft, recipe, family tradition and all things holly jolly.

christmas pancakes

Last night we had upside down dinner at our house. What is upside down dinner? It’s simply breakfast for dinner, but for some reason my kids think it’s so much more exciting when we call it upside down dinner. This Christmas season, I want to be really intentional to create memories. Simple experiences that my kids enjoy that create memories for a lifetime. So instead of waiting to have friends or family over for dinner, we got our Christmas dishes out last night and had upside down dinner complete with Christmas pancakes.  We made pancakes shaped like snowflakes, snowmen, angels, gingerbread men, Christmas trees, candy canes, and Christmas stockings.

Christmas pancakes were really simple to make, I made homemade whole wheat pancakes and poured the batter inside various Christmas cookie cutters. It took a little trial and error but they turned out great. My kids were over the moon!

Here are a couple of quick tips:

  • Spray cooking spray each time you start a new pancake. Spray generously.
  • My batter was a little thick, so once I poured inside the cookie cutter I used a knife to spread the batter.
  • Remove the cookie cutters with tongs (otherwise you’ll burn yourself) once you start to see bubbles on top, then flip over to cook the other side.
  • This probably goes without saying,  but just in case make sure you have metal cookie cutters, plastic ones will melt.

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