24-Day AdvoCare Challenge: Our Decision to Make a Change and Start Eating Healthy!


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Our Decision to change our eating habits and start the 24-Day AdvoCare Challenge

We’ve eaten terribly unhealthy lately.  I don’t know when it happened exactly.  I think partly due to convenience and our schedules. Probably a result of a series of compromises over a long period of time.  Maybe even purchasing items that I wouldn’t normally because they were free or cheap.  Nonetheless, no matter how we got here we made a decision that it was time for a change.  At the same time, aknowleding that we needed to make a change and actually doing something about it are two very different things.  I kept telling myself that next week would be the week we would start eating healthier.  Lets get through Christmas first, then Valentine’s Day, then a weekend getaway…….I realized unless we made a commitment it wasn’t going to happen.

Then, a friend told me about the 24-Day Advocare Challenge.  I’d heard of it before, but honestly wasn’t interested.  This time, I was ready for a change.  So, for those of you who might have heard about it but wanted more information I thought I’d blog about it throughout our 24-Day Challenge.  Personally, I desperately need more energy.  Between being wife, mommy, homeschool teacher, and business owner I am wiped out.  Add to that unhealthy eating, diet coke all day long (NO water), and more sweets than I care to admit to eating no wonder I’ve had no energy.  My husband on the other hand wants to lose……as he says A LOT of weight.  So, after much thought we decided that we’d do the 24-Day Challenge together.

Remember that I mentioned we kept putting off eating healthy because of Christmas, then Valentines?  Well, our 24-Day Challenge lands smack dab in the middle of my husbands birthday, an out of town blogging conference for me, and Easter.  Easter, as in chocolate bunnies, Easter Dinner, Easter parties, and Easter Egg hunts.  Yea, maybe not the best timing but we are determined we are going to do this. {Update – We completed our challenge click here to read about our results!}

Over the next 24 days I’ll be updating you on our progress and sharing recipes. (You can find recipes here – more to come)  If you’d like to join us, we’d love it!!  You can find out more information here.  No, the program isn’t free however if the end result is our living a healthier life it’s worth it. Y’all know I’m all about finding a good deal so we signed up as a distributor in order to get a discount on our products and to give us the option of helping our friends and family get started.  We decided if we could get healthy and have the option to help others get healthy at the same time it would be a win/win.  In addition, my husband has gone through three layoffs in the past 5 years making us realize how important it is to find additional sources of revenue to supplement his income, AdvoCare offers incredible payouts.  Financially, the past five years have been extremely challenging for us and the possibility of financial freedom sounds very exciting.

I’d love to help you get started!  You can check out all the amazing products here, I would be happy to work with you to put together the right products for your needs.  Feel free to send me an email with any questions to time2saveblogger@gmail.com with AdvoCare in the subject line.

A new journey has begun in the Trenum household, I can’t wait to share with you!!



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