2011 Summer Reading Programs Roundup!

Summer is just about here!

It’s hard for kids to keep up the reading momentum of the school year going through the summer.  In fact, one teacher told me that they test the kids’ reading aptitude BEFORE and AFTER the summer.  Their scores actually go down over the course of those couple of months!
Summer Reading Programs are a great way to motivate your kids – and give them fun incentives – to read all summer long.  We have an hour of “D.E.A.R Time” in my house every day during the summer (Drop Everything And Read) – while the little ones fall asleep and nap, the older ones spend an hour quietly reading.  Did I mention how much I love Dear Time – just for the quiet? :)
Here is a roundup of local Summer Reading Programs for you!!  Plus, you’ll end up with some fun freebies (Books, restaurant coupons, game tokens, etc…) to help you break up the summer doldrums – Cheaply.
Also – check out the Suggested Summer Reading List for your child’s age group HERE


2011 Public Libraries Summer Reading Program:

This is the gist of this yearly program:
  • Read a minimum of 10 books, starting on June 1st, on any subject on your reading level and return your logbook on or before July 26.  Pre-readers may participate by listening to at least 10 stories.
  • Our library gives out prize bags full of local restaurant coupons, passes to the Creative Discovery Museum, and small toys/treats!


Books-A-Million 2011 Junie B. Jones Summer Reading Program:

1) Pick up your form at particpating locations
2) Read (4) books between 5/24 – 8/1
3) Return the forms by August 1st for a FREE Junie B Jones Backpack Bag!


Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program:

1. Kids read any eight (8) books
2. Kids write about their favorite part using the Summer Reading Journal.
3. Children bring their completed Reading Journal to a Barnes & Noble store between May 25th & September 6th, 2011.
4. They’ll get a coupon for a FREE book! They choose from a list of exceptional paperback titles.*


Borders “Double-Dog Dare”:

1) For kids 12 and under
2) Read 10 books & list them on THIS form
3) Bring complete form to Borders/Waldenbooks between 6/1 – 9/5 2011 to get 1 of the selected titles FREE!


Looking for a fun way to reward your kids for their accomplishments? Download and print free reward calendars to help your kids develop in areas that are some of the most common challenges of parenting.

  1. Download and print out the calendar
  2. Mark the days off with a pen or sticker as your child accomplishes their goals
  3. Bring it in completed to Chuck E. Cheese’s and receive 10 free tokens as a reward

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