15 Fun Water Games for Kids!


15 Fun Water Games for Kids

Now that temps are heating up – wanted to remind you about these ideas for fun water games!  Also check out another 10 Water Balloon Games – with over 1K pins so far!

The forecast is predicting highs of 105-108 over the next few days here in Tennessee – which means we’ll be spending a lot of time inside where it’s cool.  But kids will be kids – and they have energy to burn!  Here are some fun ways to keep cook outisde with – what else – water!

Water Balloon Games:

TIP: Fill up lots and keep them in a cooler with a few ice packs (cold water bursting on you is just more fun).

  • Play games with the neighborhood kids like hot potato, where you poke a hole in a balloon and pass it around to music.
  • Another fun game sure to get you wet is to stand in two lines and toss back and forth, scooting further away with each successful catch.
  • An equally fun one is volleyball – using towels to catch the balloons in so they won’t pop easily.
  • Along the same lines – with a larger group play “sheet catch”.  Divide into 2 teams with at least 3 players on each team. Two or more players hold each sheet and their designated “pitcher” stands far away and tosses balloons at the sheet.  The team that catches the most balloons in a designated time wins.
  • Have less people?  Use a Hula Hoop to catch instead of a sheet.

My older kids also like to just chase each other around having an all out war.  For the little ones – we toss them as high as we can in the air and the squeal and duck for cover as the come crashing towards us.

Since my brother and I had summer birthdays – my mom would fill up a few coolers full of water balloons for our parties and have several games lined up.  It probably cost her $4 and gave us a couple hours of splashy fun!

Water Guns:

Get a few big ones and play Hide & Soak or Freeze Tag (Freeze when you get sprayed)!  Or, use your guns for a relay such as the Beach Ball Race – Have 2 teams racing to shoot at their beach ball until it rolls across the finish line.


My kids like it when I set up the sprinkler next to the driveawy for them to ride bikes through.  Sometimes though – I”ll just sit in my chair ont he deck holding the hose with the sprayer attachment and spray them while they run around screaming.  This would be a fun twist on Red Light Green Light, Mother May I or Simon Says as well!

Slip n Slide:
Buy one or make your own using a tarp and a sprinkler or hose!  Kasey’s family made a huge one last time  we were over for all the kids using the plastic that goes under a house (pick some at the Home Depot).  It was ENORMOUS!

Bike or Car Wash:

The best time ever to put on your swim trunks/bathing suits and head out to wash the car or the kids bikes!  They’ll have fun getting wet and slippery and – as long as you’re not a perfectionist – you’ll get a slightly cleaner vehicle :)   Then – use the sponges to have a soaked sponge fight!

15 Water Games & Fun Ideas Recap:

  1. Fill and store water balloons in a cooler with a couple ice packs
  2. Water Balloon Volleyball
  3. Water Balloon Leaky Hot Potato
  4. Water Balloon Toss
  5. Water Balloon Hula Hoop Catch
  6. Water Balloon Sheet Catch
  7. Water Gun Hide & Soak
  8. Water Gun Freeze Tag
  9. Water Gun Beach Ball Relay
  10. Sprinkler Bike Ride
  11. Hose Sprayer Version of Simon Says, Mother May I, Red Light Green Light, etc…
  12. Slip n Slide or Homemade Tarp Slip n Slide
  13. Bike Wash
  14. Car Wash
  15. Soaked Sponge Fight

I hope you’re able to use some of these water games to beat the heat this summer!





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