Losing Weight with AdvoCare: Gary’s Journey on the 24-Day Challenge Post #3

Kasey here, I’d like to introduce you to my husband, Gary. He is sometimes referred to as “the coupon lady’s husband.” This is his very first blog series, so y’all go easy on him. He has a goal he wants to meet by March 14th, and thought sharing his journey with y’all might help keep him accountable. Here is Gary’s journey on the 24-Day Challenge, losing weight with AdvoCare. If you missed his previous post, you can read them here,  here, and here.

I have had some thoughts and questions rolling around in my brain lately.  Often times I have really odd things that make me stop and ponder them.  Like this, how do feathers keep birds warm?  I know there is a scientific explanation but I just don’t understand.  Or this, wonder if other people like to suck helium out of balloons like I do?  I don’t care how old you get…that is funny when your voices sounds cartoonish!  Now, this thought isn’t nearly as weird as most of mine are.  I have been wondering why some folks can lose weight easier than others.  I am going to let you in on some of my thoughts and then a final report on my 24 day challenge.

The ability to lose weight may be explained partially by your family genes…and if that is the case, I did not get those genes!  As I told you earlier, I battled being the “husky” kid until my middle teenage years.  Check out these pictures to see for yourself.

photophoto (1)photo (2)

My family tree is littered with people that have struggled with their weight and health.  Some may point their finger at this as proof that genes play a roll.  It is a convenient explanation but I think there is more to it.  My opinion is there are four factors that must be in place for someone to successfully lose weight.

Factor 1: Proper nutrition

I specifically remember growing up eating donuts (cinnamon twists), pop-tarts (chocolate or brown sugar), waffles and many of their junk food cousins for breakfast.  What a way to start your day!  I guess it goes without saying that pop-tarts started me on a path of poor food choices.  As I got older I continued to make similar decisions with the type of food I ate.  My breakfast choice in college was my beloved Golden Grahams in chocolate milk.  Uh…what you say?  That’s right chocolate milk with my Golden Grahams.  Even though I was a college athlete and in the best shape of my life, my nutrition was terrible.  I have frequented every fast food location in Cleveland for breakfast and lunch over the past 10 years.  Until March of 2013, I wasn’t ready to accept the fact that food choices have a direct affect on my health as well as my family’s future.  Proper nutritional choices are a necessity in a successful weight loss and management program.

Factor 2: Proper supplementation

This is something I have never been good with nor really thought was that important.  I did take vitamins for a period of time after I was first diagnosed with Type I Diabetes in 1996.  I think I stopped taking them for two reasons, 1) they were expensive and 2) I did not feel or see a difference in my health.  I did not understand the concept of a supplement.  A supplement simply fills in nutritional gaps your diet has.  Taking good supplements will ensure your body is getting what it needs and gives it the ability to operate as it was created.  Supplements can help your body fire on all cylinders.  March of 2013 was the first time I had taken supplements that I could tell made a difference in how I felt daily.

Factor 3: Physical activity

Ugh!  Ugh!  Ugh!  I just do not like most forms of exercising.  Treadmill…blah.  Rowing machine…blah.  What I have found is that if I do not enjoy a form of exercise I am most likely not going to stick with it.  Almost all of my weight loss has come without exercising.  What I see now though is that I can still lose weight but physical activity will accelerate my weight loss and help reshape my body.  Finding an activity that you enjoy gives you the greatest chance of sticking with it and making it part of your life.

Factor 4: Encouragement

I think this is the wild card in one’s weight loss.  I have battled myself more than anything else in my attempts to lose weight.  My mind has told me a few things…I like food too much to give some of it up, I am destined to battle weight all of my life, my genes prove I cannot lose weight, or how about the rewards for losing some weight.  I have lost 5-10 pounds many times over the past 10 years.  When I would hit a milestone I would celebrate.  I am all for celebrating but eating Reece’s Cups (I mean a bunch of them) is not a great way to celebrate losing a notch in my belt!!  I had to get in the mindset that if some of the people around me where losing weight then why can’t I?  I had to get myself to the point that I knew I was going to be successful.  I had to want to lose weight more than I wanted to be overweight.  That meant making different choices than those that kept me in the chubby prison for so long.  Here is what made it easier for me to make these choices…my wife and kids.  Kasey has been so supportive and encouraging every step of the way.  She has seen my struggle with weight and has been my biggest cheerleader in this lifestyle change.  Even though I know she wanted me to lose weight for my health she never nagged me about.  Here is the deal, if you are overweight, you know it and don’t need your spouse to tell you how overweight you are.  Hello…I can look in the mirror and see there is a problem.  Kasey has also changed her lifestyle and eating choices.  This has made it so much easier for me to stick with my plan.  I can’t imagine walking into the family room and seeing Kasey sitting on the couch with Fritos and Bean Dip!  Wow, how hard would that be?  My kids have been great along the way.  You know how kids are…painfully honest.  Hearing my son say he kind of misses my jiggly belly is rewarding because I know he sees that my body has changed.  (If we are in public and you hear him saying something about my jiggly belly, please don’t laugh.  He is one of those kids that loves to say awkward things that make his parents really uncomfortable.  Just ignore him, please!!)  Now that is a good feeling when others recognize your accomplishments.  Hearing people comment to me about my weight loss motivates me to do even more.  The look on some faces has been priceless.  I feel like telling them, yes you can lose weight like I have too.  Encouragement keeps us moving forward and many times at an accelerated pace.

So, my opinion is that anyone can lose weight.  If someone  is motivated enough they could lose it without one of the four factors above.  However, successful weight loss usually requires all four.  If you are reading this and want to lose weight, I can help you!  You can do it!  Just like they say in The Waterboy.  You can do it!!  I know you can.  Make up your mind…set some goals…get intentional with your choices.  Choose foods that are lean and clean.  For menus and grocery list click here.  Choose a program to get the proper supplements that your diet lacks.  We chose Advocare for many reasons.  If you want more information on Advocare click here.  Get physical…not the Olivia Newton John kind of physical.  Find a physical activity and do it.  Losing weight and getting healthy only happens when you get intentional.  I know you can do it!

Now the final 24 day challenge update…I have lost 8 pounds and 4 inches in the last 24 days.  Over half way to my goal of 15 pounds by mid-March.  We had to stop after Church last week and get a few new pairs of pants.  Get this…I was busting out of a size 40 pants last March.  Eeeewwww, that is painful to admit.  I had refused to buy size 40 but eventually had to.  I also refused to buy size 42 but was on the verge of buying them in early 2013.  Today I bought 2 pairs of khakis and 1 pair of jeans…size 36.  Yes!  I’ll give you another update in the next few weeks as March 14th gets closer and closer.

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