13 Cheap, Healthy Beauty Replacements (Plus $1000 Sweepstakes!)


I always glance at my LearnVest emails to see what new cool frugal articles they’re featuring – but today’s caught me eye – 13 Healthy & Cheap Beauty Hacks.  I checked it out – and it has a cool slideshow with 13 inexpensive and more natural products to use instead of the beauty products sold on the shelf.

For instance, I had no idea you could use Coconut Oil for Makeup Remover!  It’s excellent for your skin – and much cheaper ounce for ounce.  That stuff is crazy versatile apparently!

LearnVest always has good tips, articles and timely advice – like “Dollar Store Deals – Which Ones are Worth It?” and tips on upcoming tax changes or which credit card has the best perks, etc…

Sign up for free HERE - and you will not only get their great Daily Tip, but you’ll also be entered to win $1,000!

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