10 Tips for Weed Control in Your Vegetable Garden

Weed, weeds go away! One thing that can literally kill your beautifully laid vegetable garden plans is weeds. Slowly but surely they can suffocate all of your hard work, leaving you with lifeless plants. Weeds are unsightly, persistent, and down right annoying. But this planting season, don’t let them get the best of you or your plants. Instead, follow these simple tips to get some  weed control in your vegetable garden and keep your vegetable garden weed free.

Waging War on Weeds in Your Vegetable Garden: Weed Control in Your Vegetable Garden

  1. Select a weed-free garden site.
  2. Till the site before planting.
  3. Keep the plants in tight rows so the vegetables provide shade and crowd and kill your weeds.
  4. Plant three closely spaced rows and then a wide walking row.
  5. Mulching  reduces weeds and works with larger vegetables like peppers and eggplant.
  6. Avoid using grass clippings for mulch as they can contribute to weeds.
  7. Get the weeds early before they can  cause too much damage to your crop.
  8. Practice good weed control throughout the growing season.
  9. Maintain daily for best results.

So banish those nasty weeds for good with these helpful tips and tricks. You will enjoy a healthier and more productive garden all season! Weed control in your vegetable garden is just ten tips away, so get started!


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