$10 Pillsbury Coupon Booklet!

I just noticed on Coupons.com that you can sign up for a Pillsbury Digital Magazine for extra savings.  Well I clicked on it, signed up, and Lookie Here!!!   Once you sign up, not only will you get access to extra printable coupons, but you can sign up for a $10 Coupon Booklet as well!  They hid it good though, so follow the directions below:

  • GO HERE & click the Entertainment tab on the sidebar.  You’ll see a coupon that looks like this: CLICK IT!
  • Then sign up and you’ll be able to view the “Coupons”.  On the same page as the printables, you’ll see the $10 Coupon Booklet logo!  

I am totally in love with mailbox coupon booklets – they’re fun to get, they almost always “double”, and they often contain higher-value coupons than usual.  Another one you’ll definitely want to sign up for is the “Home Made Simple” booklet HERE.  
It’s full of great coupons for Febreeze, Swiffer, Pledge, Cascade, Dawn and MORE!  Click HERE to get yours!

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