10 Halloween Clearance Ideas for Non-Halloween Use

Halloween Clearance sales are ripe for the picking, and if you know what to look for, you can really save money on things you’ll use throughout the year! Here is a list of 10 Halloween Clearance Ideas to buy – and as always, we’d love to hear your ideas in the comments.

  1. Costumes for dress-up:
    We have a big cedar chest full of dress up clothes, and it’s one of my kids favorite things to play with.  Costumes also make great gifts!  And don’t stop at the costumes themselves – Items like feather boas, wigs, plastic swords and other accessories area really fun things to add in!
  2. Chocolate/Candy:
    Get ready for holiday baking by stocking up on any good candy deals.  You can cut the chocolate bars into little chunks for cookies, or use Rolos or Hershey Kisses for Candy Pretzels.  Hard candy can be used for stained glass cookies and all other candy for Gingerbread Houses.
  3. Plates & Napkins:
    Orange & Black Plates & Napkins can be used for birthday parties and other events.  Orange can go with other bright colors for summer parties, or with browns for Thanksgiving.  Black could be used for lots of things (think Pirate parties, or Black & Pink for a bridal shower)
  4. Glow sticks, bracelets, necklaces:
    These are some of my favorite finds.  Glow bracelets are great gifts for class parties, prizes at VBS and just about any kind of party treat bag could do with a glowstick or bracelet!
  5. Home Décor (Baskets & More):
    Any home décor items where you can take the pumpkin/spooky element OFF (or hide it) so that you can use it for everyday. (Think baskets with pumpkin-embroidered liners that can be removed.)
  6. Little Pumpkin Lights or Votives:
    These little battery-operated lights can be used to make bag luminaries, put in the windows during the Holidays, brighten up a centerpiece and more.  Use on Valentine’s Day to set the mood without burning down the place!
  7. Pumpkins/Gourds:
    Immediately after Halloween, the demand for pumpkins drops sharply, and their price drops to as low as $2 each.  You can pick up some pumpkins or gourds to make a pretty Thanksgiving Centerpiece, and continue to decorate with them a little longer into the fall!
  8. Vinyl Tablecloths:
    If you can find vinyl tablecloths for around $.50, pick a few up because they make great kid-tarps!  Lie them down for messy crafts and projects like painting, playdoh, tie-dying, etc
  9. Toys
    Pick up Light Sabres, Hot Wheels, Slinkies, Mini Play-doh packs and more for Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers.
  10. Food & Snacks:
    You can find non-candy items like Teddy Grahams, Pretzels and more with Halloween packaging that would make great lunchbox snacks for the kids at a fraction of the cost!  Even coffee and coffee creamer, cookie dough and If you have coupons to match those items, even better!

Our friend Terri at MainCouponMama also wrote an article on what she does with Post Halloween sales – you can check it out here!

What kind of things do you seek out in the Halloween Clearance aisles?


  1. Heather Booker says

    Went into Walmart for something yesterday morning and scored a Monster High costume and wig for my daughter before everything had been picked through. Less than $15 and she is going to be super excited Christmas morning!! Also bought a white and a green stamp ink pad for less than 50 cents each that can be paired with the red I already have for stamping super cute tags or wrapping at Christmas. The Halloween cookie cutters will be great for a Monster High party next year, especially the vampire fangs. I may even make vampire cookies for the Breaking Dawn premiere!

  2. Joel Veldt says

    Our four kids are all grown up — but we used to LOVE after halloween sales because their school colors were orange and black. We had school color plates, cups, flatware, streamers, etec, etc for all their graduation open houses.

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