Redbox Codes Master List: 18 Free Rental Codes (Keep this list handy!)

18 Redbox Codes to get a Free Movie/Game Rental

We’ve listed the Redbox freebie codes before here on Time2$ave – but darned if those posts aren’t a little hard to find after awhile :)  To help you go out this weekend and rent a movie – here it is again!  I’ve dusted it off and prettied it up – now bookmark this already – so you’ll have it when you need it!  (Sometimes I get bossy like that – it comes with the mom job ;) )

Free Redbox Codes to use anywhere:

*NEW* Free Redbox Text Codes:

*text the following to #727272 to receive your code, these all expire 12/31/12

  • JUSTDANCE – Free Game Rental
  • RENT – Free Game Rental
  • TRYGAMES – Free Game Rental
  • TRYITOUT – Free Game Rental
  • SCREEN – Free Game Rental
  • TRYREDBOX – Free Game Rental


Free Redbox Codes to use at specific stores:

  • *NEW* BREAKDOWN – Walgreens Only
  • *NEW* WALGREENS – Walgreens Only
  • DVDATWAG – Walgreens Only
  • DVDKROG – Kroger Only
  • DVDATKROGER – Kroger Only
  • DRIVEIN – Sonic Only
  • DVDATSONI – Sonic Only

In an effort to keep this list as current and accurate as possible – please leave a comment if you try any of these and they work or don’t work!


  1. Parker says

    These days my family and I get our videogames and DVDs through Blockbuster @Home, by DISH. With it, we get thousands of titles via streaming and home delivery for movies and games. We used to use the kiosks all the time, and we still do once in a while if we have a free code like this. A coworker of mine at DISH and I switched to Blockbuster @Home at the same time, and we’ve both been paying less than half what we used to pay for Netflix and Gamefly; it’s easily the best deal out there.


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